In English

Welcome to e-Talo (e-House)!

 What is e-Talo?

e-Talo is a place where You can visit when ever You feel like You need some support. e-Talo is divided in to three sections: Girl’s House and Boy’s House - from where You can find information about the multiple ways of being a girl or a boy, and a Rainbow House, from where You can find information about sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. e-Talo is an online service, and employees there are like big sisters/brothers from whom You can ask questions about life, puberty, sexuality, relationships, and self-image etc. anonymously – all You need is an internet connection and an e-mail account to send Your questions with. At the moment, unfortunately, all the information you'll find from e-Talo is in Finnish, but we will reply to You in English.

 Who is it meant for?

e-Talo is meant for youngsters and young adults between the age of 10–28. Everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression are welcome.

 How can I contact the employees and get help?

You can contact us by sending your questions to either e-Talo's Katri, e-Talo's Saara, or e-Talo's Johan, at When you send your question, please tell us whether you want Katri, Saara or Johan to reply to you. You can also contact us by coming to our live chat on Wednesdays between 18-20. The chat is also anonymous and private. (On chat page, press the blue word "täältä" so You can access the chat program.) 

Don't hesitate to contact us, if You have something on Your mind, we're here for You!